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Beyond Transactions: The Value of Resilience in Real Estate

Sometimes, not everything goes according to plan. In every business, there's a risk, and within every risk, an opportunity lies.

The real estate business brings us an amalgam of possibilities and opportunities, as it is a service industry that involves assets, which for the most part will be our clients' most significant transactions. Yet at the same time, it encompasses the parties and their respective emotions, cultures, expectations, and life visions reflected in the business.

This business is one of trust. Clients open the doors of their homes to us; we are the authentic witnesses of their lifestyles and can also witness their problems. This adds an incredible responsibility to us.

In this career, to do it right, you need to have a calling because not everything is perfect, as they say, "no transaction is easy." And like in any business, sometimes things don't go as one wishes. That's when you prove yourself as a professional and test the quality of every part of the transaction.

When things don't go as expected, that's when the true nature and values of each person are tested. As they say, people are tested in bad times, and in this business, there are many factors that depend on a transaction being a "win-win" for both parties.

Brokers are a crucial part and our integrity and the way we view the business can help or hinder the transaction. For this reason, communication, trust, and collaboration among colleagues are crucial. When selecting your broker, choose one who works as a team, promotes "co-broke," has a collaborative and optimistic character, likes to work and above all, solve problems.

In sales or leasing, not everything goes well, but there is something very important to maintain: patience and respectful communication between parties. Respect, as everyone's right, is something that must be demanded to be obtained.

When something doesn't go well, pay attention to both verbal and written communication. Never let your frustration, anger, or anxiety overwhelm you in a conversation with the other party. Never write in anger, as it can ruin the relationship; always waiting until the anger subsides is the best solution. Waiting for that moment to pass, waiting until the next morning, if possible, will always help better express the matter and its possible solutions or suggestions. Respect in difficult times will give you more reason.

No one likes it when something tense happens, but there's always something that alleviates it, and that's a good attitude and above all, time. Time passes, and problems usually pass. It's important to remember that everything in life has a solution, absolutely everything has a solution, and if it can't be resolved, it stops being a problem and becomes a situation.

As Don Miguel Ruiz said in his book "The Four Agreements," when talking about one of the agreements we should make with ourselves to be happier and more successful, "don't take anything personally."

Stay tuned for the next "blog"; I'll talk about the impact we brokers have on our communities.

Thanks for tuning in!


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