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The Broker is a Key Piece in your Transaction

The world of real estate is a creative, dynamic and often decisive one. It is decisive for all the parties involved in the transactions that we see daily, not only with buyers and sellers, but also bankers, administrators, inspectors, lawyers, insurers, managers and in the case of leasing; landlords, tenants, insurers, inspectors, cleaning employees, in short, all parties. I emphasize this because, for me, a good broker is involved, to the extent possible and authorized*, in all aspects of the transaction and after it .

As intermediaries, real estate brokers played a crucial role in maintaining relationships and therefore trust in the process. This does not mean that we are responsible if any of the parties give up on this purpose, but we can always help and support by providing transparency and effective communication.

Sometimes the responsibilities we have, the secrets we keep and the prudence required of us are underestimated. Therefore, we must pay attention to details and be proactive when it comes to communicating things in an assertive and objective manner for the benefit of the short and long-term relationship of the parties.

Sometimes it is necessary to filter information, indeed filter it, without omitting, lying or exaggerating, to make everyone look better and fulfill the primary purpose of protecting relationships. Communication is more crucial than we imagine, sometimes the manner a message is communicated can cause a domino effect on the transaction for better or worse.

In order to contribute to an agreement between the parties, it is important that transparency prevail to avoid animosity between the parties' positions. We all have a different perspective and not all of us have the same way of doing things and reacting to situations. This is why objectivity helps us to be better professionals and to make each of the parties understand the position of the other, in order to reach a successful and fair transaction for all parties.

As Don Miguel Ruiz mentions in his book “The Four Agreements”, one of my all-time favorites, “be impeccable with your words”, “don't take anything personally”, “don't make assumptions” and “always do the best you can”. When you have doubts about a situation in life, remember this, it will help you.

Being objective, empathetic and listening actively is what contributes to conversations turning from uncomfortable to successful.

To find out how we actively listen, stay tuned for my next article.


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