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Why Lifestyle Designers in Real Estate?

In 2005, I was on a trip to San Francisco with my friend Michelle, and during our time in Napa Valley, we wanted to have dinner but didn't have reservations. Despite our hunger, our priority was to find a place with a beautiful view where we could enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine in hand. I remembered a recommendation I had received for Auberge du Soleil, a 5-star "boutique hotel" with a restaurant and balcony. Fortunately, they were able to seat us on the balcony, and we were extremely grateful and happy, enjoying the view and the wine. However, it was when they offered us the menu that the experience changed for the better.

A young and elegant waiter approached us with great honor and pride, saying, "May I have the honor of offering you the menu?" His empathy, serenity, and confidence transformed the atmosphere. It felt like a compliment, and our afternoon became even more beautiful because he made us feel welcome and comfortable. We felt privileged to have dinner there that night, and the cost was no longer a concern. What I remember most is the feeling of satisfaction and the elegance of the place, all thanks to the waiter's gesture and training.

I share this story to encourage you to reflect on the last time you felt this way in a place. Commercial establishments don't always make us feel like that, do they? I don't know where that waiter is now, but I believe he has become a manager or owner of a vineyard or restaurant, and hopefully much more. These types of experiences inspired me to choose the name of my company, and that feeling continues to guide me in providing exceptional service every day.

After working closely with one of the most exquisite hotels in the service industry, the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton Reserve, and learning about their cooperation and solidarity process and rigorous training, I further honed my knowledge on how to delight our clientele.

From the initial call or interview, clients who seek our services desire excellent service. The choice of residence, open and consistent communication, the exploration and learning phase of the buying or leasing process, up until closing, should be a highly enjoyable experience. At least, that is my guiding principle when working with each client who contacts me.

Lifestyle is a deeply personal matter for everyone. Concepts such as security, density, privacy, speed, cleanliness, spaciousness, and profitability, among others, are quite abstract and must be precisely defined to understand what the client wants and expects from their new home or investment, and especially from our service. That's why I take the time to get to know my clients in order to provide them with the best service possible.

Puerto Rico is incredibly diverse and versatile—it is truly exquisite. There are a multitude of options available to meet the needs of our clients. We develop strategies to understand customers and propose new lifestyles, new options, and value propositions that benefit their families or businesses.

Equally important is the interview process with the brokers who represent the clients and the professionals we encounter along the way. We function as a team, and the experience should be just as enjoyable for them. That's why I am extremely selective and cautious when choosing my collaborators.

As Rick Rubin says in his new book, "The Creative Art: A Way of Being," "the ability to look deeply is the root of creativity." The more observant we are, the better we understand customer behavior, and as a result, we can exceed their expectations or anticipate their desires.

Always at your service!


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